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Listen to new messages that match trigger conditions.


  • channel_id: channel id string.
    • Trigger condition: when a new message posted to a channel that matches the given channel id.
    • Optional. Default: None.
  • mentioned_user_id: user id string.
    • Trigger condition: when a user is mentioned in a new message.
    • Optional. Default: None.
  • trigger_string: message string.
    • Trigger condition: when a new message contains the given string.
    • Optional. Default: None.
    • It's case sensitive.
  • trigger_for_bot_messages: boolean.
    • Trigger condition: whether trigger a workflow when new message sent by bots.
    • Optional. Default: False.

If multiple parameters are given, the trigger condition will be constructed as 'condition 1' AND 'condition 2'...

Example: triggers.slack.new_message(channel_id='C12345678', trigger_string='kudos') -> Trigger condition: new messages that are sent to channel 'C12345678', and contains string "kudos".


Be careful to set up the trigger and action in a workflow, it may cause infinite loops.

Example: A workflow triggered by bot messages sent in a channel, then send new messages to the same channel.


Example data structure:


"text":"ask llama: ...",