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Developer-First Internal Knowledge Management

QueryStar automatically learns from your internal wikis, technical docs, chat history, tickets, manuals and other unstructured data. The knowledge are exposed to developers through a low code SDK.

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Powerful and Instant AI


Happy Customer

Build AI-powered customer support features and embed on your platform


Competitive Product

Ship AI features within days, not quarters


Productive Team

A team with better knowledge access runs faster


Smart Internal Tools

First-line doers can easily build tools for themselves


Easy Access Control

Everyone sees different results based on their roles


Healthy Culture

Building a culture of knowledge sharing is not difficult anymore

Learn How QueryStar Helps 1,000+ Engineering leaders

A Slack community of 1,000 CTOs and VPs has 6 years of chat history, which is full of best practices and industry insights. However, Slack search can no longer serve them well. QueryStar built a knowledge base on top of the chat data, and automatically respond to questions.

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