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QueryStar is the easiest way for data and Python developers to ship AI-powered bots. It provides an easy way to set up trigger and actions, so you can focus on the most value-added part: Do Something with Your Own Data.

Who is QueryStar built for

  • Data teams, Python developers, and petty much everyone who can write basic Python 🐍.

  • If you happen to use Streamlit, PyWebIO , Gradio, Greppo: QueryStar is like them, but to build bots, instead of web UI.

    😋 We're actually the creators behind PyWebIO and Greppo

  • If you happen to know some workflow automation web tools like Zapier, Pipedream, Workato, the big differentiator is: QueryStar allows you to build entire workflows as a single Python file. Benefits:

    • No more clicking buttons and connecting blocks on web canvas.
    • Easy integration with internal codebase, algorithms, and libraries.
    • No need to abandon your favorite Dev tools.

    😈 We believe visual editors can diminish developer's creativity

QueryStar under the hood

There are 2 parts:

  • A low code open source Python SDK to help you:
    • Transform your LLM functions to production-ready bots
    • Pre-built AI modules to support various use cases, such as QA services.
  • A cloud service that help you:
    • Deploy bots
    • Manage their authorization and authentication
    • Monitor performance.

Main Features

QueryStar Python SDK

A common usage pattern: Two function calls to ship Python scripts as a bot, at scale.

# Demonstrating a common usage pattern

import querystar as qs
import langchain, llama_index, pandas # or your favorite libraries

# Every time a new message is sent to Slack,
message = qs.triggers.slack.new_message(channel_id, trigger_string)

# Bot is triggered to processes the following script
response = ...

# then, sends answer back to Slack
qs.actions.slack.add_message(channel_id, text=response)

🤩 That's it! Clean code scales your bots and creativity.


QueryStar takes care all other energy-draining BS for you.

  • Secret and scope management is made easy. No more config files sent to different places.
  • No need to worry about rate limit, time out, async call etc.
  • Learn unified QueryStar APIs then automate many SaaS tools. :::

QueryStar Workspaces (Cloud)

In the Workspace, you can:

  • Adding integration to Slack
  • Generating QueryStar token: one token for all integrated SaaS tools
  • More coming soon:
    • Deploying
    • Managing
    • Monitoring

How to get started

Follow Quickstart to make your first Slack bot within just a few (~10) minutes.

  • The first 2 sections normally take 2 and 1 min respectively.
  • Then, coding begins. We will be developing a bot that
    • Triggered by new messages sent to channel #introduction.
    • Send a message back to the channel to say Hello.

More advanced tutorials can be found in Tutorials.

What are some tedious tasks you hope a bot can help you with? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we will be in touch.